Discover The Fastest & Easiest Way To Manufacture or Source Products...

When you need high quality affordable products made or sourced from around the world including USA, Europe, China and Asian countries, OPM Imports are your first port of call.

We Handle It All For You, Taking The Stress And Worry Out Of Your Business Including...

sourcing, tooling for manufacture (incl IP protection), plastic injection moulding, die castings, electronics, freight logistics incl customs clearances, import duties and all other associated tasks involved in getting your products to your door step

How It Works

OPM Imports Quality Control

Sourcing or manufacturing (including tooling) in ISO 9001 (or similar) Quality Assured factories

OPM IP Protection

Full IP (intellectual Property) protection to ensure your unique ideas aren't stolen and replicated

OPM Imports Logistics

All frieght logistics, customs clearances with goods delivered to your door. Packaging & warehouse distribution.

What You Get With Our System

You Only Deal With an Australian Company

There are never any language barriers - we are Australian with over 35 years experience including engineering, marketing, sales & logistics

You Are Supplied Direct From The Factory

While sites such as Alibaba have an enormous range of products - it comes at a price. Buy for 30% - 50% less when we go direct

Product Development And or Modification

If you have a unique idea, we can get it made by our ISO 9001 Quality Assured factories all backed by our IPP System (Intellectual Property Protection)

Full Freight Handling & Logistics

Benefit from either our "Door to Door" service including all customs import clearance & duties or we can package your product ready for consumers

Frequently Asked Questions

It Is Cheap Chinese Junk?

If we do use Chinese manufacturers, one of the biggest assumptions about Chinese goods are they are "CHEAP CHINESE JUNK". Whilst this may be the case in the past in a lot of cases, we only deal with manufacturers from around the world who have International Accreditations such as ISO-9001.

How Does ISO 9001 Work?

To qualify for ISO 9001, factories must have an ongoing quality control system from when the raw materials come into the factory, through the manufacturing & assembly process to final checking of the goods.

What Is IP Protection?

In this modern world it's very easy to copy products and this is something China had a bad reputation for. Due to our rigid selection processes and Our stringent IPP (Intellectual Property Protection) policies and processes are designed to stop this process happening, thus protecting your ideas and designs.

Who Are You?

Our company name Is Baker International Enterprises and we have been importing & selling items (for us to sell) since 2012.
By dealing direct with the manufacturer we have:
1/. total control over the entire process
2/. we can buy 30 - 50% cheaper than traditional wholesale sources and pass these savings on to you
3/. delivery times are much faster as we are dealing direct and not having to go through multiple middlemen

Identified A Product Already?

Have you found the product you are looking for and want a better price for it and your shipping? Then contact us for a competitve quotation to enable you to buy it cheaper, command higher market share through price advantag and ultimately make higher profits.

New Invention?

Ok, you've done all of the hard work. You've come up with the idea, built a prototype, found a market for it and then you hit the brick wall of:

  • not knowing who can make it
  • need design drawings made
  • possibly need tooling made
  • worried about your idea being stolen
  • concerned about maintaining the quality of it
  • working out how to reduce assembly & distribution costs
  • and goodness know what else

Working with inventors is our speciality as we hold your hand through the maze of product development & manufacture to ensure your dream doesn't become a nightmare.  Contact us to have a confidential discussion (I'll sign a binding non disclosure document) to unpack your idea and work out a plan for success.

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